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The aim of the workshop is to make the visual contemporary language of painting more active in the city through murals, and to possibly create a national/ international visual art event with the participation of recognised and skilled artists. The Mural Workshop and Symposium participates in the Bloomsday series of programs - supported and organised by the Municipality of Szombathely City with County Rights. This cooperation is planned to last for 5 years. The collaboration will involve artists capturing 18 episodes from three chapters of James Joyce’s Ulysses, each in a large-scale mural. It is planned to add 2-3 works to the new cultural destination each year, up to chapter 18. However, the aim of Symposium is not a visual adaptation of the ‘tracing’ of the novel, rather an experiment of creating artistic dialogue based on current interpretations.

The workshop was organised with the support of Westwerk Creative Art Workshop and Cultural Association.

Sponsors: Municipality of Szombathely City with County Rights, Leopold Bloom Foundation, PPG Trilak Kft, Praktiker, Balogh Ács-Állványozó Kft

Professional leader: István Szántó



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